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Swiss Archives – Archive database of the Swiss Federal Archives

Full Text Search

Full Text Search

Use the full text search to find a word or an expression irrespective of which field it occurs in.
Use the full text search first to check whether your search returns a result.
Field search

Field search

Use the field search to find a word or an expression in a selected database field such as title or reference code.
Use the field search if you want to search selectively and know the meaning or use of the individual fields.
Archive plan search

Archive plan search

The archive plan search enables you to navigate in the hierarchical tree structure of the archive, from the higher-level fonds to the individual document provided that it has been captured. Many documents are only comprehensible from their classification in the archive plan.
Use the archive plan search to get an overview of the various fonds or to selectively access known fonds.

For legal reasons, dossiers that

- are catalogued using people’s names and
- contain sensitive personal data or personal profiles and
- are still within the statutory closure period.

cannot be displayed in Swiss Archives.

Local Swiss Archives, which may be accessed only in the Federal Archives reading rooms, contain all dossier data.

This invisible link is used for directing Google or other search engines to the start page for their indexing.